Monday, January 11, 2010

whoa! whoa! i gotta go!

putting together a course schedule is one of my absolute favorite activities. just ask my sister. she loves it too. so, though it was a little bit insane to try to put together a schedule at multiple institutions all of whom are on different calendars, i might have done it!

the goals i set out for this year in israel were threefold:
  • improve my Hebrew to the point of (near) fluency
  • meet fascinating people
  • make personal and professional connections with israeli institutions that i think are cool
okay, maybe fourfold:
  • have fun
my schedule, as is turns out, it perfectly styled to do just this. most of my classes are in hebrew, and are with israelis, and are in progressive settings, and i even get to study at some really innovative institutions like Elul and Alma!

since i'm studying at so many different places, some are still in the fall semester, and some have already started the spring. so, last night i went to a new class for the first time and tomorrow i have the last session of another class. :)

if all goes as planned, by the time we get deep into february and we're firing on all cylinders, my schedule will be:

sunday: zohar study group (hartman institute)
monday: halakha (HUC)
tuesday: talmud (HUC), israeli music as prayer (HUC), medieval thought (CY), rabbinical students program (Hartman)
wednesday: bet midrash elul, kabbalah (CY)
thursday: medieval jewish thought (alma in tel aviv!)
friday: free day!
saturday: shabbat!

i'm sooooo excited. :)

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