Sunday, December 14, 2008

is it worth it? let me work it!

it was seven months ago that i said i was going to get my shit together and yet it took me until this week to start making it happen. but hey, it's happening. so...yay! i found an excellent weight watchers meeting this week and am hoping that i will find another great leader and group at the same location but a different time next semester. i went to my gym three times this week (!), found a new workout buddy in my friend N, and found out my ww buddy in chicago serendipitously started up again too. it is on!
getting into a healthier body is feeling more worth it than it has felt in a while, more possible than it has felt in a while, and more necessary than it has felt in a while. i am committed to turning 30 in better mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional shape than when i was 25. because 25 sucked, and i am convinced that 30 is going to be fabulous. and i am going to look gooooood.